Learning…all the life!

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/discover-challenges/learning/ for me is a continuous process.It all starts when one is born and continues till death.While some qualities are innate in humans,most of the others are acquired in the years of life.Heard about “Children are like sponges?”.We are sponges ready to absorb all that lay before us…both good and bad.As we grow older, we become wise enough to differentiate the good from the bad.Neverthless,this quality depends on an individual and the circumstances one is presented with.What appears good or bad to one may not be the same to another person.

      My source of learning in my early years was quintessentially my mother.She is a pillar of strength to her children who braved challenges,free advices,failures,dilemmas and the major financial crunches.She being a single mother,swam across the ocean of hurdles only to await more setbacks and thus more learning.After being committed to a wedded relationship, the spouse shared the trivial tricks in personal relationships.

     Motherhood has been the greatest teacher in the recent years.It is evolution hands on.The desire to attain one’s wishes,display of grit,fear and love,sustained perseverance and curiosity to know the most complex  workings of the world is what the reverse learning of a child to mother is all about.One does not become a know-all-human because of living in the world a little longer and have had a few experiences.

    Deviating from the chosen domain to learn a new language is the best that has ever happened.It gives a new spark to one’s imagination and renders activity to the dormant cognitive capabilities.Face the fears of doubt and inefficiency,but still get up and keep moving to see the whole universe working to help you!